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We are aware when something is out of BALANCE in our lives. We know when we are struggling with Life, the Universe and Everything Else.

What is Spiritual Psychology? A blend of psychology, spirituality and science.

We are more than just our emotions and neurons, more than our physical and mental – we are CONSCIOUS beings. Most of us either live in the past (memories) or future (what ifs) – we have forgotten how to live in the NOW (this present moment).

Have you – or your child – been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

Are you struggling to fall pregnant?

 Are you having personal or relationship issues?

I am Karen Michelle Brooks, with a BA. HSSC Psychological Counselling from Unisa: 2004 (& busy with my Unisa: Honours in Religious Studies) with Reiki accreditation and energy healing to link our minds and hearts – I can help you. We are more than what we believe or understand. If you’ve tried everything else, why not try Spiritual Psychology?

If you have any questions please feel free to email me on


Adults – 1 hour

R520.00 per session

Children under 13 years

- 1/2 hour

R260.00 per session

Find your JOY

Venue: Sprigg Road, Tableview, Cape Town
Time: 1 hour

(12 sessions will get you living Joyfully)

 R520.00 per session

Higher Consciousness

Venue: Sprigg Road, Tableview, Cape Town
Time: 1 hour

R520.00 per session


The products and insight on this site are intended to assist you on your journey through life, aiding you in times of stress, welcoming you to ever greater consciousness.
Your personal journey is, always, your responsibility, and we in no way make any medical claims or guarantees with regards to your ability to get financial or personal results from any of the products offered. Though we affirm we will guide you with our highest integrity and best intentions we encourage you to take responsibility for your own actions, reactions and future growth. And so it is.